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In this section you will find a list of the main services offered to the public, such as letter and package delivery, how to obtain a delivery confirmation receipt, post office box information, and how to send and receive money through the post office system, among other services.

We also offer special services and tariffs to companies with large and diverse necessities of services, such as letter and specialized package delivery, and governmental solutions, among others.

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We offer:

Personal Services



Letters and postcards. Letter-writing keeps us in contact with our friends, children, parents and other family members and offers us the opportunity to express ourselves and communicate with the speed and discretion characteristic of the post office.

Printed matter. This service is directed at users who need to send printed material with promotional or informational content, and is presented on paper, whether that be  documents, pamphlets, catalogs, as a post card or Christmas card, etc.

National Package Delivery. Merchandise or promotional material that, for its weight and bulk, should be sent in boxes or cylinders.International Package Delivery. The post office handles two kinds of international packages; depending on the speed of delivery desired.


Money Orders

Postal Money Orders: This is a money transfer between cities and towns at the national level which is carried out at the post office. This is accomplished by means of a payment order to the beneficiary.

COD (Cash-on-delivery) Commitment acquired by SEPOMEX to charge, on behalf of the customer the declared value of the deposited package and delivery of said amount to the client.

Notification of Postal Order Payment. The client is notified that payment to the destination party has occurred. This service can be requested when the postal order is acquired or within the following 30 days.


Courier Service.

Express delivery of documents and packages.



Will Call. When the user does not have a physical address or is temporarily away from his customary address, he may receive his correspondence at the post office he chooses,

Poste Restante.-This service enables the user to receive correspondence in the post office of his choice, either because there is no delivery at his physical address, he is temporarily away from his address, or simply he prefers that correspondence delivery be confidential.

Post Office Boxes.- For greater security and trust in mail delivery, or if you do not have a permanent address, the Mexican Postal Service offers post office box leasing at the post office of your choice, where you can pick up your correspondence during business hours.

Post Office Box Keys.- Delivery of post office box duplicate keys to the lessee, upon payment.

Storage.- The preservation and storage of correspondence and mail at the petition of the sender or of the addressee in the corresponding post office(s) or any other location as designated.

Postal Identification Document.- the Postal Identification Document is issued by the Mexican Postal Service in its Post Offices.

Import Duties.- Presentation of goods shipped by postal services that pay import duties to customs office, also known as customs declaration/label.



Registered Mail.- Complementary service in which a code number is assigned to each postal item, enabling tracking until the piece reaches its destination;

Advice of receipt.- Complementary post office service. Optional with Registered Mail, consists of a special form which the addressee or recipient signs and returns to the sender.

Postal Insurance.- Applied to correspondence with a declared and proven value supported by receipts, In the event of theft or loss, the client recovers the value of the lost material by compensation payment.

Return to Sender in Mexico.- Due to change or modification of the addressee’s domicile, and requested by the sender, the addressee, or by legal means, a fee is charged corresponding to that of a parcel of equal weight to return the goods to the sender.

Return to Sender in another country.- At the sender’s or the addressee’s request the Office of Exchange will fix a charge to packages corresponding to the inward land-rates generated by a package posted in Mexico directed to a new destination country.



Correos de Mexico offers special services to companies such as mass mailings, specialized packaging, and governmental solutions, among others.


Bulk Mailings (National)


Business Reply Mail (Items sent with Sepomex)

Business Reply Mail (Items sent without Sepomex)

Responses to international commercial promotionals U.S. Mexico (IRC – International Reply Coupon)

Periodicals (newspapers, magazines, etc.)

Printed material deposited by editors or agents

Local and non-local packages

Commercial advertising with a specific addressee

Commercial advertising with nonspecific addressee

Commercial advertising with promotional reply included with specific addressee


Additional Servces

Postal Registry

Bilk mailing of letters

Bulk mailing of periodicals

Bulk mailing of printed material

Bulk mailing of commercial advertising

Bulk mailing of commercial advertising responses

Bulk mailing of packages

Bulk mailing of special “M” bags (international)

Authorization of franking machinery by remote control

Replies to international commercial promotionals U.S. Mexico (CCRI)

Mass mailing of commercial advertising with promotional reply included

Multiple (periodical publications)


Registered Mail

Advice of receipt

Advice of receipt for packages

Notification services


Franking at postal counter

Franking at postal counter with label (applied by customer)

Franking at postal counter with label (applied by post office)


Bulk mailings (international)


Special “M” bags


Mexpost bulk mailings (national)

National ground service

National air service



Mexpost bulk mailings (international)

International EMS


Additional Mexpost services

Envelope stuffing (per item)


Labelling (by the piece)

Classification (by the piece)

Document Return

Digitized Advice of Receipt

Reforwarding >3kg

Advice of Receipt

Optional Insurance


For additional information visit our new website at: 

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